Suffering From Diarrhea? Here Are The Foods You Can Eat 

Diarrhea can be due to varied reasons. It could be because of the foods that upset the stomach such as spoilt foods or contaminated ones. It could also be due to food allergies and food that the stomach is not compatible with. Diarrhea also strikes someone who is under stress, anxiety, and with low immune system. When one has a diarrhea, the tendency is to withdraw from eating in the fear to make the condition worse. Fact is, there are foods that are safe to eat when one has a diarrhea and these food also help in getting rid of diarrhea fast.

Foods to eat with diarrhea

  • Banana: When one has a diarrhea, electrolytes are lost due to fequent bowel movement. The high content of potassium in bananas aids in replacing the lost electrolytes, as well as provide generous amount of fiber to regulate the movement of stool by absorbing the fluid from the intestines. It also contains the prebiotic inulin which inhibits the growth of bacteria in the digestive tract.
  • Apples: Pectin is found in apple, a soluble fiber that aids in healing diarrhea by making the stool smooth to release. To fully benefit from apples, it is suggested to cook it and make it a bit softer for easy digestion. Since the apple is hard, softening it will make easy for the digestive tract to absorb it.
  • Yogurt: Milk and dairy products are to be avoided when one has diarrhea, but not in the case of yogurt. The live cultures and lactobacilli found in yogurt get rid of the bacteria that may be worsening the case of diarrhea and retain the ones that are healthy for the digestive system.
  • Mashed Potatoes: Softened potatoes are excellent sources of starch that in turn is turned to energy. The body has to get all the energy it deserves, especially that moving lose bowels frequently can be draining.
  • Chicken: The allowed method of cooking chicken when one has a diarrhea are steaming or stewing. These methods also make the chicken softer, very ideal when diarrhea strikes. Chicken, which is a source of protein, is the safest meat to eat when suffering from diarrhea. The body needs to have a balanced diet even in cases of diarhhea and chicken provides the protein requirement for the whole day.
  • Some Teas: Overall, teas are great in soothing and relaxing. But not all teas work the same, especially in the case of diarrhea. Some worsen it, while some relieve it. Peppermint tea's relaxing and soothing properties also relax the muscles of the digestive system, thus, helps in relieving diarrhea and preventing muscle spasm in the area. Chamomile tea also has properties that sooth the digestive tract, prevent spasm, and ease away diarrhea.