Causes and treatment for bruised sternum 


The common injury caused to a drive when they don't wear the seat belts is the bruised sternum. This injury can however happen even while one is playing a sports activity, wherein there will be chances of occurrence of a blunt force. This is not only painful but will cause congestion in the throat and the person will have problem in breathing.

Bruised congestion symptoms

The most common symptoms of the bruised sternum will be an intolerable pain at the chest, swelling of the chest, problem in breathing, pain while you laugh, breathing and coughing problem with secondary infection that will lead to shallow breathing also.

How long does the healing process take?

As this is injury to your bone it will take many weeks to get healed. It also depends upon the intensity of the injury caused, if your doctor confirms it to be a bruise on the sternum then it will take at least 3 to 4 weeks to heal. And if this is due to some major vehicle or car injury then it will take months to get complete relief from this problem. The pain ranges from mild one to a severe one, the pain will worsen further if you put some pressure on the ribs or the sternum by lifting heavy objects or moving heavy things like sofa or bed or table.

Treatment and the healing process for bruised sternum

If the pain is mild and light, it will decrease in few days. You can also take over the counter medicines. The first few hours are too crucial for the patient and so they have to take care and treat the swelling at the first place by placing ice packs, and then you can apply the heat therapy to get relief from the soreness. Apart from ice pack you can also use the Tylenol, Aleve or Advil for reducing the pain.